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TSAS’s partnerships set a longer-term institution-building process in motion that establishes a collaborative network of researchers and policy analysts with shared interests in understanding terrorism, assessing security responses to it, and situating both in the broader social context, with a focus on enhancing resilience. Given the nature of these issues, TSAS considers partnerships essential to its success. No one government department has full jurisdiction over terrorism, security and the aspects of social life that will be analyzed through this network. Similarly, no academic discipline can cover the range of topics that are at the core of our interests. TSAS, therefore, has an interdisciplinary ethos and brings together a range of different institutions.

The partnership structure of TSAS currently includes thirteen Canadian universities, nine departments in the Canadian federal government, and six non-governmental organizations. Together, the partners represent a very broad range of relevant academic expertise and relevant policy interests at the national level. As TSAS grows, we will enlarge the network by including more researchers and developing a wider array of partnerships. The nature of our partnerships and its promotion of cross-pollination between academic research and policy can be seen in the governance structure of TSAS.

This project is supported by the following organizations:

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