Ellis-- James O.

TSAS WP16-12: The Future of Right-Wing Terrorism in Canada

Geography: Canada, Mexico
Year: 2016

What is the range of likely scenarios for future right-wing terrorism in Canada, based on connections to radical movements in the US and Europe? Which factors or actions may mitigate – …

CIDB Right-wing Incidents

Year: 2015

Radicalization a Prerequisite to Terrorism

Year: 2014

Extremism In Canada: Keeping Control of Extreme Responses

Geography: Canada
Year: 2014

Radicalization: A Prerequisite to Terrorism

Year: 2014

North America has long served as a fundraising and logistics hub for dozens of global terrorist organizations and has occasionally been attacked. Many radicals have lived, worked or studied in – …

Radicalization in North America: A Strategic Approach to Prevention

Geography: North America
Year: 2012

TSAS WP14-03: Right-wing Extremism in Canada

Publisher: TSAS
Year: 2014

What factors may promote violent right-wing extremism in Canada, and how is it connected to similar movements in the US and Europe? What impacts might this violence have on radicalization – …

Countering Radicalization of Diaspora Communities in Canada

Geography: Canada, North America
Year: 2011

This study provides an initial assessment of the state of radicalization amongst immigrant groups active within Canada’s largest metropolitan areas. The authors conducted an extensive literature review and examined over – …