Hofmann-- David

TSAS WP17-02: Broadening our Understanding of Anti-Authority Movements in Canada

Publisher: TSAS
Geography: Canada, North America
Year: 2017
Subjects: Extremism

TSAS WP15-03: Quantifying and Qualifying Charisma: A Theoretical Framework for Measuring the Presence of Charismatic Authority in Terrorist Groups

Author(s): Hofmann-- David
Publisher: TSAS
Year: 2015

In order to stimulate the production of robust and replicable empirical research on the dynamics of charismatic leadership in terrorist groups, this working paper operationalizes the social-scientific concept of charismatic – …

The Neglected Role of Charismatic Authority in the Study of Terrorist Groups and Radicalization

Year: 2014

Recent scholarship has called for additional research into the role of charismatic authority in terrorist groups and the process of radicalization. However, the sociological concepts of charisma and charismatic authority – …

Twenty Important Journal Articles and Reports on Terrorist Radicalization

Author(s): Hofmann– David
Publisher: TSAS
Year: 2012