TSAS WP17-06: ‘From nascent insurrections to full-blown insurgencies: Why some militant groups engage in sustained armed conflicts, a quantitative approach’

Publisher: TSAS
Year: 2017

There is a growing threat from terrorism and insurgencies worldwide in recent years. It is puzzling why some initially weak militant groups, who face immense difficulties in garnering material resources – …

Iraq versus lack of integration: understanding the motivations of contemporary Islamist terrorists in Western countries

Author(s): Mullins-- Sam
Geography: Iraq
Year: 2012

Abstract: Despite being nearly 10 years into the ‘Global War on Terror’ there is still confusion as to what motivates the perpetrators of terrorist attacks, particularly those in the West. – …

All Jihad is Local: What ISIS’ Files Tell Us About Its Fighters

Geography: Iraq, Syria
Year: 2016

Iraq is Collapsing: It’s Time to Reshape the Middle East Map

Author(s): Mitchell– MR
Year: 2015

Love, Hate and Propoganda: War on Terror, Part 2

Publisher: CBC Television
Year: 2013

Love, Hate and Propoganda: War on Terror, Part 1

Publisher: CBC Television
Year: 2013