TSAS WP17-06: ‘From nascent insurrections to full-blown insurgencies: Why some militant groups engage in sustained armed conflicts, a quantitative approach’

Publisher: TSAS
Year: 2017

There is a growing threat from terrorism and insurgencies worldwide in recent years. It is puzzling why some initially weak militant groups, who face immense difficulties in garnering material resources – …

Women in Zones of Conflict: Power and Resistance in Israel

Author(s): jacoby-- Tami
Year: 2005

Tami Amanda Jacoby investigates the constraints and opportunities for women’s civic engagements in zones of conflict through a case study of three women’s political movements in Israel: Women in Green, – …

Bridging the Barrier: Israeli Unilateral Disengagement

Author(s): jacoby-- Tami
Year: 2007

The construction of the barrier separating Israel from the West Bank has become the site of one of the most heated controversies the world over, the source of virulent propaganda, – …

Israel’s Relations with Egypt and Turkey during the Arab Spring

Author(s): jacoby-- Tami
Geography: Egypt, Israel, Turkey
Year: 2013

What implications do the uprisings in the Middle East in 2010–2011 hold for Israel’s foreign relations with the two most strategically prominent states in the region, Egypt and Turkey? The – …

Collective and State Violence in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: The Limits of Classical Rational-Choice Theory

Author(s): Brym– Robert
Publisher: Wiley Online
Year: 2012