TSAS WP17-06: ‘From nascent insurrections to full-blown insurgencies: Why some militant groups engage in sustained armed conflicts, a quantitative approach’

Publisher: TSAS
Year: 2017

There is a growing threat from terrorism and insurgencies worldwide in recent years. It is puzzling why some initially weak militant groups, who face immense difficulties in garnering material resources – …

All Jihad is Local: What ISIS’ Files Tell Us About Its Fighters

Geography: Iraq, Syria
Year: 2016

Cyber Warriors in the Middle East: The Case of the Syrian Electronic Army

Author(s): Al-Rawi-- Ahmed
Publisher: Elsevier
Year: 2013

This paper investigates the online hacking group, the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), and examines its goals. (Source: Publication).

Growing Threat of European Fighters in Syria Highlights Need for EU Cooperation

Author(s): Gomis-- Benoît
Year: 2014

Almost all European Union member states have seen some of their young citizens, often Muslims between the ages of 18-29, leave their countries to join the jihad against the Assad – …

Geopolitics Drive Russia’s Continuing Support for Syria’s Assad

Year: 2012

Over the last year, Russia has positioned itself as a key player in the Syrian crisis, offering strong diplomatic and material support to the discredited Al-Assad regime. How to explain – …

Foreign Fighters in Syria

Author(s): Richard Barrett
Publisher: Soufan Group
Year: 2014

Over 12,000 fighters from at least 81 countries have joined the civil war in Syria, and the numbers continue to grow. Around 2,500 are from Western countries, including most members – …

A Persistent Threat: The Evolution of al Qa’ida and Other Salafi Jihadists

Author(s): Seth G. Jones
Year: 2014

This report examines the status and evolution of al Qa’ida and other Salafi-jihadist groups, a subject of intense debate in the West. Based on an analysis of thousands of primary – …