TSAS WP16-12: The Future of Right-Wing Terrorism in Canada

Geography: Canada, Mexico
Year: 2016

What is the range of likely scenarios for future right-wing terrorism in Canada, based on connections to radical movements in the US and Europe? Which factors or actions may mitigate – …

Rise of Self-Defense Groups Highlights Mexico’s State-Level Security Challenges

Geography: Mexico, North America
Year: 2014

The inhabitants of Michoacan, a state on Mexico’s Pacific coastline, must feel a grim sense of deja vu regarding recent developments surrounding organized crime-related violence in the region. Seven years – …

Terrorism in North America (Canada, United States, Mexico), 1970-2010: A Research Note

Year: 2012

The shooting on September 5, 2012 at Parti Quebecois headquarters in Montreal that police now describe as a full blown assassination attempt against this party’s “premier-designate” Pauline Marois, resulted in – …