TSAS Highlights

TSAS response to incidents in St. Jean sur Richelieu and Ottawa

[français au-dessous] TSAS is dedicated to the responsible investigation of radicalization, terrorism, security, and their impacts on societies. We stress the importance of relying on empirical research, facts, and evidence in the analysis of incidents such as the recent attacks in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Ottawa. Canada has a long history with terrorism and political violence, as […]

Benoit Dupont: Applied Reseach in Cybersecurity

TSAS counts many stars amongst its research affiliates and Professor Benoit Dupont stands out as a particularly brilliant one. A professor at Université de Montréal, he is the director of the Centre for Comparative Criminology and holds the Canada Research Chair in Security, Identity and Technology. He was recently awarded $1.6 million by the government […]

Metropolis 2014: No Barriers Between Groups with Differing Agendas

Metropolis 2014, the 16th national conference was held March 12-15, 2014 in Gatineau, Quebec. Four graduate students from the Department of Geography at UBC were fortunate to be offered the opportunity to attend. By all accounts, it was a very worthwhile experience. Not sure what to expect, we arrived at the conference centre early on […]

Launch of TSAS Library and Affiliate Database

TSAS has launched its newly revamped Digital Library, which is searchable by key word, author, subject, geographic location and resource type. This Digital Library was established to support TSAS’s mission to cultivate new scholars through communication and collaboration. Our  aim is to provide information and, when able, access to a wide variety of source material […]

TSAS Summary Workshop Notes: Security Policies and Community Relationships

TSAS held a highly successful 2-day workshop titled, Security Policies and Community Relationships in November, 2013 and brought together seventeen researchers, community leaders, government policy makers and practitioners to present on the topic. Experts spoke on a broad range of issues including the prevention of radicalization, deradicalization, and on building social cohesion, media analysis, emerging […]

Read the TSAS Student Blog & Join the National Discussion!

TSAS has dynamic new student-led blog on issues related to terrorism, security, and society last month. The blog is intended to facilitate the objectives of the network, principally to develop the domestic research capacity and knowledge mobilization mechanisms required to shape and support a more sophisticated and distinctively Canadian approach to understanding and countering terrorism, […]

The Neglected Role of Charismatic Authority in the Study of Terrorist Groups and Radicalization, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism

Review, by TSAS Affiliate Dr. Jeremy Littlewood It is widely assumed that terrorist groups or cells are formed and held together, at least in part, by a leader and, given the violent, clandestine, and law-breaking nature of the objectives of such groups ‘leaders’ and their ‘followers’ must have formed a bond that is sufficient to […]

James O. Ellis III: Project Lead for the CIDB

“I look forward to the challenge of improving the rigor and quality of Canadian terrorism research through the CIDB.” The Project Lead for the Canadian Incident Database (CIDB) is James Ellis.  A Fulbright scholar, he holds a Master’s of Letters degree in International Security Studies focused on Terrorism from the University of St Andrews.  Mr. […]

Lorne Dawson: Pioneer Researcher on Home Grown Terrorist Radicalization

“Canada doesn’t have specialists within the field of terrorism research“. — Lorne Dawson hopes to fill that void.   “There is almost nobody in Canada talking specifically about terrorist radicalization,” Lorne Dawson recounts his experiences over the last five years, about the times he has been asked to participate in panels on the subject of […]

Martin Bouchard – Extracting the Social Structure of Extremism

“Trying to model the most obvious and extreme form of terrorist activity, to label it properly – carries both a danger, and a great potential.” Martin Bouchard is a busy man. While he is currently on paternity leave, he simultaneously arranges conferences, teaches classes and is actively participating in the start-up of TSAS. But this […]