Insurgency and counterinsurgency

Counter-Insurgency Intelligence: Looking Forward by Looking Back.

Publisher: ABC-Clio, Praeger
Year: 2015

About the Book: This thought-provoking work analyzes the major debates surrounding counterinsurgency campaigns and uncovers the internal security problems derailing effective strategies for restoring stability. As countries across the globe – …

TSAS WP16-11: Jihad in the Jazeera: Explaining The Islamic State’s Growing Insurgent Threat in Egypt

Publisher: TSAS
Geography: Egypt
Year: 2016

Why did Wilayat Sinai – The Islamic State’s affiliate in the Sinai Peninsula – evolve to become an unprecedented challenge to the Egyptian state?

‘Car Bombing “With Due Respect”: The Niger Delta Insurgency and the Idea of MEND’

Year: 2013

Women in Zones of Conflict: Power and Resistance in Israel

Author(s): jacoby-- Tami
Year: 2005

Tami Amanda Jacoby investigates the constraints and opportunities for women’s civic engagements in zones of conflict through a case study of three women’s political movements in Israel: Women in Green, – …

Introduction : Le terroriste et l’insurgé : des cibles floues dans une lutte sans vainqueurs.

Publisher: PUQ
Year: 2013

Voices of the ‘‘Caucasus Emirate’’: Mapping and Analyzing North Caucasus Insurgency Websites

Year: 2014

This article looks at Internet use by insurgent groups in the North Caucasus in the context of a regional diffusion of violence. (Source: Publication).

Canadian Military Intelligence in Afghanistan

Year: 2012

Collective and State Violence in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: The Limits of Classical Rational-Choice Theory

Author(s): Brym– Robert
Publisher: Wiley Online
Year: 2012

Terrorisme et Insurrection. Évolution des Dynamiques Conflictuelles et Réponses des États

Year: 2013

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Explaining Variation in Western Jihadists’ Choice between Domestic and Foreign Fighting

Year: 2013

This article studies variation in conflict theater choice by Western jihadists in an effort to understand their motivations. Some militants attack at home, whereas others join insurgencies abroad, but few – …