Risk management

TSAS WP16-13: Trying to Talk to Terrorists: Ethical and Methodological Challenges in Canada

Publisher: TSAS
Geography: Canada
Year: 2016

Scholars have long shied away from talking to terrorists. This is because there are significant methodological and ethical problems posed by such research. How can we manage those challenges and – …

Using structured professional judgment guidelines in threat assessment and management: Presentation, analysis, and formulation of a case of serial intimate partner violence.

Year: 2014

Risk assessment and management of group-based violence

Author(s): Cook--Alana
Year: 2014

Group-based violence (GBV) may be defined as actual, attempted, or threatened physical injury that is deliberate and nonconsensual, perpetrated by one or more individuals whose decisions and behaviour are influenced – …

War on Terrorism

Publisher: Ashgate
Year: 2004