Au-delà de la vengeance : comprendre le passage à l’acte des femmes kamikazes tchétchènes

Geography: Chechnya
Year: 2015

Women as Professional Soldiers: Canadian Values on the Front Line

Geography: Canada
Year: 2015

#IS_Fangirl: Exploring a New Role for Women in Terrorism

Year: 2016

Abstract: In this paper we present initial results from an ongoing study of women affiliated with pro-IS networks on Twitter and other social media. Our particular focus is on 20 – …

Migrating Gender Inequalities? Immigrant Women’s Participation in Political Survey Research

Geography: Canada
Year: 2015

Abstract: This study examines the participation of immigrant women in political surveys in Canada as a form of political participation. Investigating immigrant women’s participation in the various components of the – …

TSAS WP16-08: Analyzing the formal and informal roles of women in security and justice in Yemen: Reflections for future considerations

Author(s): Cook-- Joana
Geography: Yemen
Year: 2016

This paper is part of a larger project which examines the roles and agency of women in counterterrorism practices. This paper specifically asks: what formal and informal roles have women – …

TSAS WP16-07: Cheering on the Jihad: An Exploration of Women’s Participation in Online Pro-jihadist Networks

Publisher: TSAS

This paper poses the following questions: 1. Can identifiable patterns of engagement by female posters be discerned based on content of posts? 2. Does the type of the jihadist group – …

Women in Zones of Conflict: Power and Resistance in Israel

Author(s): jacoby-- Tami
Year: 2005

Tami Amanda Jacoby investigates the constraints and opportunities for women’s civic engagements in zones of conflict through a case study of three women’s political movements in Israel: Women in Green, – …

Framing the Online Women’s Movements in the Arab world

Author(s): Al-Rawi– Ahmed
Publisher: Routledge
Year: 2015

Radicalization – A Guide for the Perplexed

Geography: Canada, North America
Year: 2009

The RCMP, National Security Criminal Investigations Program provides an introduction to terrorist radicalization in Canada, the challenges and how it’s being addressed.

Terrorism is a Failed Brand

Author(s): McCue– Jason
Publisher: TED Talk
Year: 2012

Geographies of Muslim Identities: Diaspora, Gender and Belonging

Publisher: Ashgate
Year: 2007