Societal response

TSAS WP16-01: Policies and Responsibilities for Governing Violent Extremism at Ontario Universities

Author(s): Ford--Katie
Publisher: TSAS
Year: 2016

This research looks at the governance of violent extremism on Ontario university campuses. Specifically, it explores: 1) how Ontario universities are governed; 2) how student organizations (such as clubs) and – …

A Theory of Victimhood: Politics, Conflict and the Construction of Victim-Based Identity

Author(s): jacoby-- Tami
Year: 2015

What (and who) is a victim? In contemporary violent conflicts, the construction of grievance-based identity is a fundamentally contested process as the lines between victim and perpetrator are blurred by – …

Implementing Montreal’s Centre for the prevention of radicalization leading to violence: Insights from the 2015 TSAS Summer Academy

Author(s): Berube– Maxime
Year: 2015