Security Policies and Community Relationships

Dates: November 4, 2013 to November 5, 2013
Location: Ottawa, Ontario

TSAS brought together researchers, community leaders, government policy makers and practitioners to present on Security Policy and Community Relations. Experts spoke on a broad range of topics including preventing radicalization, deradicalization, and building social cohesion, media analysis, emerging research and new concepts and tools.

TSAS a réuni des chercheurs, les dirigeants communautaires, les décideurs et les praticiens gouvernementaux à présenter sur la politique de de relations communautaires. Les experts ont parlé sur un large éventail de sujets, y compris la prévention de la radicalisation, déradicalisation, et renforcer la cohésion sociale, l’analyse des médias, de la recherche et de nouveaux concepts et outils émergents.

Note: Click below on the word “Presentation” for a copy of Powerpoints where available.


Day 1 / November 4

Setting the Context: The Society/Security Dynamic

Policy perspective: Brett Kubicek, Manager, Research and Academic Relations, Public Safety Canada

  • Heidi Ellis, Children’s Hospital Center for Refugee Trauma and Resilience. Presentation
  • Michelle LeBaron, University of British Columbia.
  • Tufyal Choudhury, Durham University. Presentation
  • Alia Hogben, Canadian Council of Muslim Women.

Practical Issues and Examples: Preventing Radicalization, Deradicalization, and Building Social Cohesion

Policy perspective: Shirley Cuillierrier, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Presentation

  • Shiraz Maher, International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation. Presentation
  • Julia Berczyk, University of Amsterdam.
  • Imam Yusuf Badat, Islamic Foundation. Presentation
  • Bob Young, CSIS
  • Tieja Thomas, Concordia University. Presentation

Day 2 / November 5

Introduction of the TSAS literature review on community outreach, youth engagement, and the impact of counter-terrorism policy on minority communities

Emerging Research and Framing a Future Research Agenda

  • Sebastien Feve, Institute for Strategic Dialogue.
  • Wesley Wark and Patti Lenard, University of Ottawa
  • Anila Asghar, McGill University. Presentation

Moving Forward: New Issues, New Concepts, New Tools – PART 1

Policy perspective: Anna Gray-Henschel, Public Safety Canada

Moving Forward: New Issues, New Concepts, New Tools – PART 2

  • Hussein Hamdani, Simpson Wigle Law LLP. Presentation Video
  • Shahed Amanullah, US State Department

Collaborative Research Design

  • Dan Hiebert, University of British Columbia and Brett Kubicek, Public Safety Canada, Presentation and Discussion.


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