TSAS Studentship Results

TSAS has completed adjudicating the second round of studentship awards, and would like to congratulate the following students on their successful proposals:

  • Suzzette Lopez Abbasciano, Center for Terrorism Studies, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

This project will analyze social media campaigns that emerge after terrorist attacks to examine the role such campaigns play in countering violent extremism (CVE) efforts.

  • Erin Osterberg, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia

This research asks two questions: (i) What are the effects of the securitization of migration policies post 2001 insofar success in integration and feelings of trust and belonging; and (ii) Are there unintended policy consequences of rapidly changing securitized migration policies?

  • Kerry-Ann Persen, Freeman Spogli Institute, Stanford University

This project is an interdisciplinary investigation of the attitudinal, behavioral, and psychological effects of transnational Islamist political violence on moderate Muslims.

  • Michael Shkolnik, Norman Patterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University

This project will examine why some terrorist movements evolve into full-fledged insurgencies while others do not.               

Read their abstracts here.