TSAS WP16-10: Research into How Resources are Acquired, Moved and Used to Support Acts of Terrorism

Publisher: TSAS
Year Published: 2016
Entry Types: TSAS Working Paper
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O’Halloran, Patrick, Ali Ghanbar Pour Dizboni, Christian Leuprecht, David Adelstein, Alexandra Green and Matthew Porges. 2016. “Research into How Resources are Acquired, Moved and Used to Support Acts of Terrorism” TSAS Working Paper 16-10. Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society. http://tsas.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/TSASWP16-10_OHalloranEtAl.pdf



The study was directed to answer six questions on terrorist resourcing in Canada through a comparative analysis that identified: resourcing activities; actors involved; interconnections of activities; importance of different forms; implications of the activities; means of response; and, the relative value of conducting analysis through the Terrorist Resourcing Model (TRM) lens.

The Canadian approach to counter-terrorist financing is largely premised on the money laundering model. This is contested. An alternative approach is John Schmidt’s Terrorist Resourcing Model (TRM) that takes a broader view of terrorist resourcing. Its application in this study advances the state of knowledge about resourcing activities in or with connections to Canada and counter-resourcing strategies.